Im feeling supported

9 Jun

When I wake up I struggle, because anorexia has left me with OCD. Yay me. But Really it’s stupid crunches, pushups, torso twists,leg lifts, and squats. If I don’t do them I feel stupid, worthless. i know what your thinking this chick is crazy, but the real culprit is ED.
Anyway I started my day with a 30 minute vinyasa yoga routine then i had a delicious dannon greek yogurt
Photobucketwith these toppings
About 1.5 hours after that I did this workout then I did this
sure did kick my boo-tay. About thirty minutes later after some packing for church camp tommorow, i’ll be MIA for 4 days, I had some lunch. I was on a chocolate spree, I wanted cold, liquid and chocolatey. So I decided on Heather Eats Almond Butter’s Hot Chocolate soup. Reipe HERE. Along with a Cran Bran vita! NOMNOM.
With a big cup of H2O.
OUTCOME: I made it wrong so I shouldn’t review until i do it correctly:) But the vita was delish as always.
I felt in the mood to swim so I bikes 7 minutes there, swam for 35, layed out for another 45 then biked 8minutes back. Time for a snackkity snack my belly said: so to continue my chocolate phase I had a
Yummy. Nuff said.
When my madre got home we went for an eyebrow wax and to get some b-ball shorts, when my mom discovered my long lost friend
Oh I was ever-so-happy to see her:D We proceeded to go to Academy, and got 1pair of nike running shorts, 1 pair of nike soccer shorts, and a pair of nike b-ball shorts SCORE! I got home, and my me and my mother chased a fly around my room for ten STRAIGHT MINUTES. GO US, laugh out loud. Then guess what! SHE FOUND MY CAMERA!
WOOHOO! Dinner was completely random but FRICKIN AWESOME. here’s some pictures
1c. berries
1c. almond milk
2T. agave
1T. unsweetened cocoa powder
5 ice cubes
secret ingredient: splash of coconut extract
Put all ingredients in blender, blend until smooth. DIG IN.
And on the side is 2T. of frozen PB&CO. dark chocolate dreams, tastes just like a reeces. I also found three new blogs, I’m an Okie,Max in the Gym,& A Teenage Gourmet. All of you have awesome blogs. Oh and heres a recent purchase

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6 Responses to “Im feeling supported”

  1. Heather Eats Almond Butter June 9, 2010 at 19:23 #

    So sorry the hot chocolate soup didn’t turn out, but glad the Vita made up for it. :)

    I never thought to freeze PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams – I must try that soon!

    Glad your camera is no longer missing, and I hope you have a wonderful day!!

    • sportyhealthnut June 9, 2010 at 20:45 #

      Thank ya! Im sure the soup wouldve been better if i made it corectly, LOL. I forgot what the recipe had said, so i just tried to stir it all up. It was still yummy.

  2. Chocolate soup? do want. must try. nowwww. it looks delicious! <3

  3. maxinthegym June 11, 2010 at 21:51 #

    Yay I love that you put my blog on your blog :D


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